Pay Your Home Loan Off Faster

If you saved $50 a month by traveling by Dion's and put that on a *$300,000 home loan (in addition to your normal monthly repayment), you could pay your home loan off 2.7 years faster at a $62,097 saving in interest. * based on an interest rate of 8.9% over a 30 year term.


Let Us Do the Driving For You

Dion's Bus Service provides comfortable, safe, and efficient transportation, creating an attractive alternative to private car usage.  So next time you travel, catch a Dion's bus. Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip. Dion's Bus Service - a Better Way to Travel.


Dont Risk a Parking Fine

Available parking around the CBD is more difficult and timely to find. Don't waste your time driving around or risk a chance of a parking fine. Let Dion's Bus Service take care of the travel, and pocket the parking money for yourself.


Don't Get Caught with Rising Fuel Prices

With the increase in fuel prices, the family car is becoming an expensive asset to run. Let Dion's Bus Service save you money by catching the bus. Dion's Bus service - A Better Way to travel.

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