Terms and Conditions of Booking during COVID-19

Please note that the Hirer:

  • Is responsible for the physical distancing of group members whilst on board.
  • Should not permit any member of their group to board a vehicle being chartered if they are feeling sick, have flu like symptoms or are meant to be self-isolating.
  • Should ensure that all members of the group follow good hygiene practices.

We also recommend that the Hirer of the vehicle takes the following precautions:

  • Keep a list of group members that can be provided to a government authority if requested (to help facilitate contact tracing).

Advise group members

  • NOT to travel if they feel sick, have flu like symptoms or are meant to be self-isolating.
  • to maintain physical distancing when including when dropping off or collecting luggage and when getting on or off the vehicle.
  • to cover their nose and mouth if they cough or sneeze.
  • to carry and use their own hand sanitiser or cleaning wipes.
  • to wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser prior to re-boarding the bus after a meal stop and after visiting attractions/destinations.

Consider advising group members

  • to download the COVIDSafe App to help facilitate contact tracing


  • issuing face masks to group members.
  • temperature testing for group members.