Passenger Relations

Customer Service has always been, and is integral to the success of our business.


Provide a high level of customer service, ensuring that patrons are treated courteously, provided accurate information, and reach their destination on time.   Staff must project at a high level of professionalism both in themselves and their environment at all times.


Customer Service is integral to the success of our business. Every effort will be taken to identify regular customers as well as potential customers and treat them with respect, to retain and build patronage value.

Dion’s Bus Service will continue to develop and maintain systems and procedures to identify, report and resolve all customer dissatisfaction issues, which will assist in developing countermeasures to reduce the incidents of customer dissatisfaction.

Handling Customer Feedback

Dion’s Bus Service is committed to responding to and resolving in a satisfactory and confidential manner all complaints, feedback and requests within agreed timeframes.

Customer Feedback can be submitted via;
–       Phoning 131500
–       Online at

All complaints, feedback and requests will be responded to within 2 days from when a Dion’s Bus Service employee receives the feedback, with an aim to have more than 85% of all matters resolved within 10 business days. If further investigation is required past this point, customer will be updated on the progress until the matter is resolved.

All Dion’s Bus Service are appropriately trained and are expected to deal with any and all telephone enquiries from customers. All complaints are handled in line with AS4269-1995, with the necessary action and disciplinary procedures implemented based on the determination of the findings of the investigation.

A register or customer complaints is maintained and available to TfNSW. From this register, complaints will be monitored to allow the identification or recurring problems or trends of a systemic nature, so the appropriate action can be implemented to rectify the matter ongoing.

Lost Children

In the event that a child has failed to alight at their normal stop, Dion’s Bus Service has clear procedures which outline the duty of care of all employees contained within Dion’s Bus Service Handbook Section E: School Students

Lost Property

Lost Property enquiries and collections can be made during office hours. All lost property is held for a period of three months (except for perishables) and then either disposed of or send to local charities.

Every effort is made to return lost property to its rightful owner however Dion’s Bus Service do not accept responsibility for the return of lost property.

Arrangements for passenger information on Contract Services


Dion’s Bus Service is open between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm weekdays only office for enquiries on services, timetables, etc.
Outside this time, customers can utilise the 131500 Info line which is able to provide trip information on all services operated by Dion’s Bus Service.


Timetables are accurate and reflect all Contract Bus Services scheduled to operate. Timetables are available on request to all customers in either paper form from the bus driver, or via the office, or electronic copy from the web.

Any approved amendments to a Timetable or Dedicated School Service Timetable will be notified to the pubic prior to publication through in bus advertising and web based communication.


Any approved amendments to a Timetable or Dedicated School Service Timetable will be notified to the school/s prior to publication. This allows the school to provide feedback and gain valuable consultation with the community, to ensure the services meet the needs of the public. Final communication is via general correspondence or personalise letter to individuals affected.


The Dion’s Bus Service Website contains accurate Timetables and Dedicated School Services Timetables with route maps. Additionally, any planned delays and other planning or service information will be listed.

Charter bookings and feedback capabilities are also available on the website.

Bus Stops

Bus Stop infrastructure range from complete covered shelters with signage to a plinth, or a metal information display on a post. Regardless of the infrastructure, Dion’s Bus Service ensures that passengers are provided with adequate, reliable information regarding timetabled Contract Bus Services at all Transit Stops.

Customer Relations Strategy

Dion’s Bus Service continues to identify opportunities to increase its presence in the community and educate the public in the benefits of utilising Bus transportation including the following initiatives;

Information stalls

University orientation days – DBS

During orientation week, Dion’s Bus Service provides information to students that attend the University of Wollongong.

At the stalls, students can;
•    Pick up current timetables;
•    Make enquires on trip planning; and
•    Get information on fares, cost planning.

Community Involvement

Dion’s Bus Service is responsive to segment groups by producing additional material supporting disabilities, tailoring information and service delivery to meet target group needs.

Information Packs

Identify and compile information packs for relevant and appropriate purposes to new patrons that enquire on services through the Dion’s Bus Service on timetables and services.

Reliability of services

Every effort is made to run buses at times shown in the timetable. However, unforeseen circumstances such as traffic congestion may sometimes cause unavoidable delays. In these situations, where Dion’s Bus Service is aware of the delays ahead of time, Dion’s Bus Service will support an integrated information service through;
•    identifying and notifying to TfNSW in writing of any difficulties involving Dion’s Bus Service ;
•    providing to TfNSW and the Contract Administrator (CA) information on plans for changes in transport services;
•    doing all things necessary, within Dion’s Bus Service’s power, to enable Transport Administration Corporation (TAC) to carry out its obligations; and
•    Not make any public statements in relation to ITIS or TAC without the approval of TAC.

In the event that the delay is unplanned, Dion’s Bus Service will;
•    work with the relevant bodies such as council, to resolve the concerns as quickly as possible;
•    inform TfNSW of any relevant service delays; and
•    work with TfNSW as required form time to time to minimise the impact of delays on customers


Dion’s Bus Service markets services via in-bus advertising, various print media, and internet.

In bus advertising
–       Posters are utilised in the bus to communicate changes to services such as planned delay, planned diversions, or annual events. Additionally, other products and services provided by Dion’s Bus Service will also be promoted through In Bus Advertising.

–       All communication to the public is published on the Internet to provide accurate and timely information to all patrons.
–       This includes fare increases, changes to routes, holiday changes, etc.
Print Media
–       Provide Handy Hints for traveling to be sent as a staple for all mail outs with timetable enquiries to the general public. This provides additional information and outlines when traveling on Dion’s Bus Service.

School Education
–       Provide Handy Hints for SSTS specific services which is sent out to schools at the beginning of the school year to explain the expectations when using Dion’s Bus Service.