Customer Charter

We’re committed to servicing the Illawarra through the provision of comfortable, safe, and efficient transportation.

Our Commitment

Dion’s Bus Service has a strong commitment to servicing the Illawarra through the provision of comfortable, safe, and efficient transportation. We continue to strive to significantly improve our service delivery and create attractive alternative to private car usage.

Service Delivery


Dion’s Bus Service prides its ability to provide a reliable service whilst continually upgrading and modernizing the fleet and the way we do business.

We aim to deliver a minimum of 98% of our total services on time, and ensure that 95% of our scheduled low floor buses are available as published in our timetables.

Safety and Security

Dion’s Bus Service is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its patrons.

Each bus is fitted with Closed Circuit TV Cameras, and our drivers are in direct contact with our operations department and security services.


Dion’s Bus Service recognizes and respects the right of all customers to have access to public transportation.

We provide low floor buses suitable for access of wheelchair patrons, the elderly, even carers with prams will benefit from this service.

Whilst every effort will be made to assist customers travelling with us, the Drivers are not expected to leave the driving seat except for extending the wheelchair ramp, to provide easier access for those customers that require it.

Please refer to the timetable or call our office for information relating to low floor buses and the timetabled allocation.


Timetable Changes

Where possible, Dion’s Bus Service will provide customers at least one (1) week notice through notices on our website, and via our Drivers.


Dion’s Bus Service will continue to invest in improving and increasing the number of identified Bus stops to ensure easy access to Dion’s Bus transportation.

Service Frequency

From 9:00am to 5:00pm Dion’s Bus Service runs every 20 mins or better from Wollongong CBD to Austinmer.

Fares and Ticketing

Concession Fares

All passengers entitled to travel by concession fares, need to provide the appropriate identification to our Drivers. Accepted Concession passes are available to view on the internet, or in our buses.

Ticket Checking

You should always ensure that you travel with a valid ticket and that you have any relevant concession cards with you at all times. Dion’s Bus Service has personnel that will act as Inspectors under the guidance of TfNSW to provide ticket checks on any and all of our services.

Our staff have the authority to request both the name and address from a customer if he or she has committed an offence against the transport Act or is in breach of subsequent regulations.

Carriage of Items

Prams, pushers, or large items may be carried on providing they are a suitable size and room is available, as long as they do not obstruct isle access.

Carrying of Pets

Guide Dogs, Guide Dogs in training and Hearing Dogs are accepted at all times free of charge. Any additional pet, will not be allowed to travel unless suitable contained in a solid pet transport system.

Customer Service

Passenger Information

Dion’s Bus Drivers, together with our staff are here to assist you. Timetables, Handy travelling tips, and general customer assistance is available from all Dion’sBus Service personnel, through contacting our office, talking with our Drivers, visiting our website at, or After Hours by phoning 131500.

Customer Feedback

Dion’s Bus Service is serious about its commitment to meeting its customer’s needs. We would like to hear form you about any aspect of Dion’s service delivery.

Please provide us with you comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions by either calling our office, emailing us at, or visiting our website at

Complaint Handling

In the event of a passenger complaint, Dion’s Bus Service personnel are committed to responding promptly and efficiently. Where investigation is required, all efforts will be undertaken to provide a resolution within 10 business days.

Lost Property

Lost Property enquiries and collections can be made during office hours. All lost property is held for a period of three months. Every effort is made to return lost property to its rightful owner however Dion’s Bus Service do not accept responsibility for the return of lost property.

Staff Conduct

Dion’s Bus Service prides itself on the ongoing investment provided through training and developing our staff. You can expect all of our employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner, being presentable, courteous, and willing to assist you at all times.


Our fleet is continually being replaced with the most modern vehicles available, with the emphasis on providing a comfortable, safe, and reliable service whilst reducing our footprint on the environment.

Our fleet undergoes daily cleaning regimes to increase your travelling pleasure.

Rights and Obligations of Passengers

How you can help.

When traveling on a Dion’s Bus do not;

* Smoke, and or spit,
* Use offensive language or behave offensively,
* Interfere with equipment or damage the bus,
* Obscure the isle, doorways, or any exit point use for customer boarding and disembarking,
* Throw anything in or from the bus, or
* Drop/leave rubbish in the bus.

Remember to always;

* Flag the bus in advance,
* Present any necessary concession cards,
* Collect your issued tickets when boarding the bus,
* Give up your seat to those who need it more, and
* Push the bell button in advance to notify the Driver of your intent to disembark.

In return you can expect;

* Dion’s Buses to be clean and tidy,
* The Driver’s authority card will be displayed,
* No to be inconvenienced by any luggage or goods within the bus,
* The Driver to behave in an orderly manner, act with civility and propriety,
* The Driver to comply with reasonable requests, and
* To Drink water contained in a screw top bottle.