Celebrate Dion's 90th Anniversary


On Sunday 1 December 2013, Dions Bus Service will celebrate 90 years of service to the Illawarra and, in particular, Wollongong's northern suburbs.

Dion's Bus Service has been servicing the Illawarra since 1923. Starting out with a Ford Model T Bus, this family owned business has endured World Wars, and the Great Depression.

During these trying periods, the Dion Family would best be remembered for not letting people walk if they did not have their bus fare.


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Dions Photo Album

These historic photos are a tribute to these Bus Pioneers; Tom, Ted, Charles (Barney), Ernest, Les and Rose Dion.

We hope you enjoy these historic Photos. 

Historic Photos - 90th Anniversary- This is a selection of photos specially for our 90th anniversary celebration.

Historic Photos - This is a selection of photos taken from the albums of Charles (Barney) Dion

Historical Photos II - 110 more photos taken from the Albums of Barney Dion - Added 3 October 2003

A Historical Slide Show - In addition to the photos found in our gallery, we have added some extra pics including those of the Dion Family. These photos are laid out in a slide show format. You will need to be patient to allow the full slide show to download.

80th Birthday Celebrations - If you missed our 80th Birthday celebrations in the Mall, click here to see some of the pics

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